Readiness Links

Disasters can strike at any time!

Earthquake. Fire. Pandemic.

Are you, your family, and your business prepared? 

Remember, preparedness starts with YOU!



The JUST IN TIME site has dozens of very well prepared videos covering many Emergency Preparedness topics


Official County of Ventura Readiness site




Very easy to use preparedness site from the City of San Francisco



Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness.

Business recovery and restoration, or business resumption, goes right to a facility’s bottom line: keeping people employed and the business running

List of actions and directions to take for business preparation

California OES (Office of Emergency Services) with a wide range of preparedness information



Good starting place for information and supplies



Business, Family Preparedness Information

Website on emergency & preparedness for  kids and schools




Preparedness info, videos, games and more





Water-Related Emergencies




Sesame Street Let Get Ready!

Sesame Workshop, along with its project partners has created Let’s Get Ready! Planning Together for Emergencies with tips, activities, and other easy tools to help the whole family prepare for emergencies – together!




There is a Citizen Corps in Santa Paula. Citizen Corps is an organization of members from the private and public sector that asks citizens to embrace being personally responsible to be prepared; to get training in first aid and emergency skills; and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster relief, and community safety.

The components of Citizen Corps are: CERT, Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Services and The Medical Reserve Corp.




Santa Paula’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Facebook site



Neighborhood Watch incorporates terrorism awareness education into its existing crime prevention mission, while also serving as a way to bring residents together to focus on emergency preparedness and emergency response training.



Volunteers in Police Services works to enhance the capacity of state and local law enforcement to utilize volunteers.




The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program coordinates the skills of practicing and retired physicians, nurses and other health professionals.




Local and County wide emergency incidents in real time.

When Tragedy Strikes: Eleven Tips for Your Workplace Response.

Reference regarding Pandemic Flu. With checklists for families, governments, businesses and schools.